USECASE: Best Selling Of A Morning Catch

USECASE: Best Selling Of A Morning Catch

I like fish and I always look forward to cook the morning catch.

Therefore, when I go for a seaside holidays, I make sure to explore the neighborhood, finding out where they sell a fresh local seafood.

But in some areas, the catch highly depends on the season and even weather conditions. Therefore, visiting fishermen's huts and outlets is a kind of a lottery. Once I've failed to buy a morning catch after visiting an outlet for the third time. "Write down my mobile number," a bored saleswoman told me.

The next time calling her, I've heard: "Yes, today everything is there, move faster to grab something and don’t bother me anymore, because I already have a queue!".

Amazing business with fishermen!
First, the fishing is the “as lucky” process. And then, selling the catch under a marketing scheme of the same kind.

But what if the outlet is far outside of the tourist area? Therefore, fishermen prefer to quickly hand over their catch to dealers and those buyers who got to the port on time. Everyone else gets fish from supermarkets and restaurants. Often not that fresh catch as desired.

And this is where Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ with its Augmented Geo Marketing capability can come to the rescue. This time I do not mean bonus points or likes, although this would not hurt.

Fishermen's outlets and their customers would greatly benefit from the interactive LiqBon™ community map that makes it easy to check for the real time offer.

Is there a difference between the interactive LiqBon™ community map and Google Maps? The main difference from Google is that each seller independently updates the point of sale information and the offer of the day. For example, here is the difference between two versions of the fisherman's outlet geolocation points:

You can see that while displaying colorful up-to-date general information about the outlet, Google Maps are unable to inform on the actual offer. This is a fundamental feature designed to monopolize the marketing channel while minimizing its moderation cost.

Indeed, is it possible to centrally control all changes of all objects plotted on the map? Of course not! But there is a healthy solution. We call it Augmented Geo Marketing.

Within the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ community, subject to the self-moderation, maps-based Augmented Geo Marketing is not only viable, but also extremely efficint, allowing us to transfer geoservices to a qualitatively new level of usability. The use case related to the sale of the morning catch is a vivid confirmation.

Please do not hesitate to visit Gogle Play for downloading and installing the free "LiqBon™ Pouch" app for Android in order to

  • smoothly manage your sales and marketing if you are a seller
  • or
  • always have the first hand best deals if you are a buyer

Please visit us at Club LiqBon™ for getting further information on Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ ecosystemand its evolution.

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