«Club LiqBon» is the first
community-driven reward ecosystem

«Club LiqBon» is a community of those who care. Together we are developing the first open bonus reward ecosystem, helping each other to get benefits and much pleasure. Club LiqBon means independent buyers and grateful sellers, happy suppliers, and motivated consumers. These are all those who do not hesitate to say "thank you" and never forget to answer "with pleasure".

The Liquid Bonus breaks stereotypes

The retail world is filled with numerous points, miles, and bonuses. Faced with overwhelming market saturation with loyalty programs, once cunning marketers have implemented direct cashback (paybacks for purchases), which has become a veritable parody of modern customer acquisition and retention programs and pulled retail players into the abyss of price wars.

Drawn into the "loyalty games", sellers and buyers have completely forgotten that value is always on the side of the consumer. After all, the buyer's activity and the ability to make things paid is the main market value. But it was retailers and their coalitions that usurped the means of rewarding, although they produce other than service.

The loyalty program owner always reserves the right to change the rules of use and value of incentives, and in many cases does not hesitate, at its discretion, to reset the buyer's bonus account. Also, retail chains having the most comfortable position to communicate with consumers often screen out manufacturers and suppliers, preventing them from developing direct relationships with consumers and capitalizing on such opportunities.

We have invented and released for free circulation the Liquid Bonus as the world's first universal and independent incentive tool that works equally well for the benefit of all users, from buyers and small traders to large manufacturers and international retail chains.

While this new reward ecosystem is in its infancy, we hope that through the user community it will become a reliable and mature service capable of eliminating much of the existing injustice regarding the accrual and write-offs of bonus points and miles.

Join us and we will do it all together!